Passion for translation and client-orientated focus

We are a team of highly qualified professionals from the specialist areas of Translation and Law. We have many years of expertise and a huge amount of passion for our work.

We are committed to promoting a close working and communication-based relationship between client and translator, to resolve any areas of uncertainty in order to ensure excellent end results.

Quality and Reliability

Between Traducción e Interpretación offers quality and reliable translation and interpreting services to companies, law firms, public institutions and individuals, both nationwide and internationally.

We know that poor quality translation can bring about economic and legal problems in the future, particularly in specialised areas of expertise such as Law. Our goal, therefore, is to produce translations of excellence that capture the exact meaning of the original while respecting terminology and idiomatic expressions.


All information and documents provided by the client are protected and processed in a strictly confidential way to ensure that they cannot, under any circumstances, be publicly disclosed or made available to third parties.

With Between Traducción e Interpretación you are in good hands.